MEISSNER REINING HORSES / Cameron Meissner / 303 Equestrian Center Loop / Manhattan, MT  59741 / 406-599-8091 / EMAIL
-"Training is $800 per month.  This fee covers all training
and board".

-Board includes grass/alfalfa mixed hay, Triple Crown
Complete, and turn-out everyday.
-Farrier and Medical work is not included.

Lessons are $50
-Lessons last between 1 and 1 1/2 hours.
-Only two outside lesson riders can be scheduled per day.
*Visit the Calendar page for availability

-To horse shows each horse is first charged for its share of
the total amount of fuel used (e.g. $100 total fuel bill for 5
head of horses = $20 per horse.  Then $0.35 per mile per

Daily show charges  for horses in training is $40 and $50
for horses that are not in full time training. Lodging costs
are divided among the customers for each trip.

Entry fees are subtracted from total earnings then 70%
goes to the owner and 30% to Meissner Reining Horses.  
All prizes are subject to owners generosity.

Horse Sales:
-Selling:  Industry standard is that seller pay a
10%commission which is generally divided evenly
between representatives of buyer and seller.

-Buying:  A bill is kept at a rate of $200/day (minimum of
$100 for half day's travel) plus all expenses.  After
purchase is finalized, if commission does not cover total of
bill, remainder is owed by purchaser to Meissner Reining
Horses.  If no purchase is made travel bill is still owed.

-Auctions:  If selling, a day fee is charged plus expenses for
the dates of the horse sale.  If buying, commission of 5% of
final bid is owed to Meissner Reining Horses.

*Horses that are sold between two customers in which a
horse in training is sold and remains in training will only
be charged a 5% commision.